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Rental Modular Ramping

Purchase or Rent?

If you need a ramp for less than six months, you will save by using our rental plan. If you later decide to keep the ramp, a portion of your rental payments will be applied to the purchase price, saving you money.

Modular Wheelchair Ramps, Folding Ramps, and Threshold Ramps are available for rent. The cost of rental will depend on equipment needed. Please call us at (775) 359-3889 for an evaluation.

Rental is available in areas of Northern Nevada.

    Who Should Rent?

    1) People who are temporarily in need, usually less than six months.

    2) People who have guests or visitors who need a wheelchair ramp during their stay.

    3) People in charge of graduations, weddings and special events. Ensure that your guests feel they are a part of rather than apart from.

    4) People who are unsure how long they will need the equipment.